VariantInet introduces computerized automated human resource management solutions which replaces traditional manual process which manages basic time and attendance using time sheets or punch card system.

This application software included in the solution aids the HR Manager to view and manage HR workflows. This application with simple unified user interface also aids both HR Manager and the management team to view various HR reports and analyze human resource performance and make necessary plans.

The following are the features that are incorporated into the application as a part of the solution:
+ Centralized and dynamic employee information in detail.
+ Employee categorization using various criteria
+ Integration with Access Control
+ Proximity feature in order to modify device data centrally or in case of entry errors.
+ Employee Leave Management
+ Time schedule management
+ Shift based scheduling system
+ Able to manage more than 24 hours of shift
+ Shift break-ins and break-outs
+ Standard shift feature for organization with standard working time.
+ Various strategic performance reports on the basis of time and policy factors
+ Group based bulletin board management for message broadcast.
+ Absence management.
+ Front desk display of most recent log-ins and log-outs.

VariantInet Clients