Introduction to Gapsco

Gapsco is a knowledge based and knowledge driven organization with the purpose to build high-performance, smart applications software in Nepal for different organization of varying structure and size. We exist to deliver new or improved software and automation tools, manage IT infrastructure, help organizations solve their IT integration or transition problems and help build a strong IT foundation. Enterprises, governments, NGO/INGOs, service providers, educators and research institutions, rely on software solutions to help them manage their workflows and achieve their business objectives and goals. Our solutions serves institutions across a range of industries including retail, manufacturing, marketing, distributors, governments/non-governments institutions, education foundations, vertical markets, insurance sectors, finance and health.

Our philosophy and ideology towards serving customers has always been to offer zero-defect products and quality customer services with guaranteed uptime and industry standard compliance approach.

Gapsco values customer service and customer success above all. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction has been the key essential factor for our growth and success, and will remain the same throughout the life time of our organization. This is the reason why we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. Over the past few years we have had 98 percentage of customer retention rates.

Gapsco established with a vision to focus, expand and consolidate software development operations and innovation efforts in Nepal. Since the establishment of Gapsco all products and deployments have undergone major innovations and breakthroughs. The consolidation initiative is strongly based on the belief that as long as the term enterprise, business, competition and growth are in existence, people will be looking for better tools and solutions. Gapsco is specialized to deliver application software and software solutions to provide customers with a competitive market advantage.


The customization & deployment of Gapsco Premium One software technology has assisted us in immensely enhance performance, productivity as well as aided us in making decisions and formulating plans & policies.


Shailendra Kumar Shrestha