Our Strength & Successes

Our company has a number of competitive advantages over other software houses and solutions providers which makes it the choice of several enterprise technology solution seekers. With its focus towards quality, we have out done its competitors in other aspects of software development. Our end user software license agreement makes our clients feel secure with their investment now and in the long run as we put strong emphasis on feature compliance, extensibility and after sales service.

We are made up of a strong development team following powerful and scalable software development processes in the industry. The company is also aware of local, international, foreign laws, regulations and. Our greatest asset i.e. our technical team, development managers and domain experts have always updated themselves on technological development, changes in industry trends and proven themselves capable of producing engineered artifacts and turning them into quality products. Software solutions provided by us has made it possible for our customers increase their productivity, sales, satisfy their clients, has made them manager their resources better, better communicate with their customers and also made them perform activities that were previously considered impossible.

With the help of our committed and tireless working team, We are ready to serve your technology needs.


The customization & deployment of Gapsco Premium One software technology has assisted us in immensely enhance performance, productivity as well as aided us in making decisions and formulating plans & policies.


Shailendra Kumar Shrestha